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Going to the range is the perfect place to replicate and enforce your pre shot routine.

Ever watched Jason Day prepare to hit a shot? He has a very deliberate approach, he visialises the shot, composes himself and then makes the stroke. It's the same routine regardless of the tournament, the day or the hole. Having the same routine for every shot reduces the thoughts pre swing and ensures the focus is on the shot, not your routine.

So what's the right right routine for you?

There's no right answer. The key is that it is the same before each shot and that it is so reheresed that no thought is given to it, it just happens. This clears your mind to focus on the shot you're about to hit.


Stepping away from the ball after each shot on the range allows you to more accurately replicate your routine on the course


“A routine is not a routine if you have to think about it”

Davis Love Jr

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