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If you've read any of the stories on our site, you'll know that we think the primary reason for going to the range is about improving your game.

But isn't going to the range going to improve my game whatever I do there?

Maybe. It might help keep you in the groove for the next time you're on course, ever tried hitting a ball after a layoff? But is it 'Improving' your game or just keeping you at the same level?

Like so many things in life, planning can make such a difference to the outcome. Structure brings with it the most efficient way by which to succeed and in many cases it leads to far better results. Planning ensures you're prepared when you go on the course. How do I know I can hit a high fade on the course if it's something I never practise? Practising it at the range and knowing you can hit it is what gives you the confidence when you're on the course to visualise the shot and go for it. With confidence comes a clear and positive mindset.

That doesn't mean you need a 5 year plan. It just means that instead of going to the range and hitting 100 balls, focus on something for each ball. Visualise a shot, follow your on course routine and make the shot. Recording the result helps identify whether it's a shot you're good at and should be attempting. After all, knowing your limitations is one of the keys to scoring.


Replicate the shots you play on the course at the range; different distances, different shapes, different trajectories


“A golfer has to train his swing on the practise tee, then trust it on the course.”

Robert "Bob" Rotella

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