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Golf-DRS (Driving Range Stats) is an easy to use mobile app that ensures golfers of any standard get the most out of a session down at the range

We've tried to make the app as useable as possible. We were conscious of it being clunky and cumbersome to use at the range but after many hours at the range (yes, someone had to do it!) we believe we have created something that makes recording each shot easy and that encourages habits that can and should be replicated on the course.

It's easy to use. Open the app when you get to the range and enter some basic info about the session you're about to complete. Set your location, we'll use GPS to determine the distance of the shot you hit, then look across the top of the screen for the shot you should be hitting. We indicate a suggested shot based on the session details you entered. Hit the ball and then record each shot as you make it.

At the end of the session you can review statistics about the session you just had.

So many people go to the range and just hit balls believing they are practising and subsequently improving their game. But are they? Ask yourself these questions:

  • How many balls did I hit well?
  • What types of shots was I trying to hit?
  • What did I get out of the session?

If the answer is you don't know, and that was ours, then chances are all you did was get a bit of exercise. Imagine training for a marathon and not tracking how far or fast you were running during training, how would you determine any improvement or your readiness to do it. So why don't we track what we do on the driving range?

Golf-DRS lets you record each shot as you hit it. It makes you stop, think about the shot you just hit and then refocus on the next ball. Just like on the course. It encourages you to perform and develop the same pre-shot routine. Just like on the course. It suggests different shots for each ball. Just like on the course.

There are lots of training aids out there that track various aspects of your swing like club head speed, rotation and swing arc. They're great. They're also expensive, complicated and a hassle to take to the range. Golf-DRS is on your smartphone or tablet and is not something extra you have to think about taking, you'll already have it on you.

Not everyone want's to be a superstar on the course, some people just want a bit of fun. That's why we also let you track your friend's activity. Are they sneaking some extra practise in before that golf weekend away? We also have plans to let you compete with your friends or other people at the range.

So what's there to lose? A few shots off your handicap?


Ensure you pick a target for each shot you hit on the range, and then replicate your normal pre-shot routine


“It takes hundreds of good golf shots to gain confidence but only one bad one to lose it”

Jack Nicklaus

Contact Us

Got a question or suggestions to improve the app, drop us a line.

Email : info@xts.com.au