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Golf-DRS lets you follow your friends and see their activity everytime they hit the range.

Golf by nature is a competitive sport, that competition can now extend beyond the course. View all the stats you can see on your profile for someone you know. Get notified everytime they hit the range, check out what they did in their last session, then message them with "words of advise"!

To add a friend all you need to do is search for them on the app, we'll identify people that do and don't have the app. If they have the app invite them to follow, if they don't have it invite them to download it.

Insert YouTube video of inviting a friend to follow and download the app.


Use your friends as motivation, inspiration and affirmation


“If I've got a swing, I've got a shot.”

Bubba Watson

Contact Us

Got a question or suggestions to improve the app, drop us a line.

Email : info@xts.com.au