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Imagine playing a round of golf where the only shot you played was a 7 iron.

No obstacles like branches or hazards to worry about, just a straight forward golf shot. You might score alright but it would soon get boring. A session at the driving range can also become boring if all that's all you're doing.

When was the last round you played a round where every shot was the same?

There's no point practising something you won't do on the course. Having to hit a draw or a fade, keeping the ball flight low or hitting it high to avoid an obstacle are all things that can help on the course. It's good to have those shots in your arsenal. The key to doing it on the course is practising it on the driving range.

Visualise the shot in your head, imagine the obstacles are in front of you, zero in on the target. You will get significantly more out of you session and the next time you're on course you won't fear that high draw shot.


When playing a round of golf not every shot is the same, so don't practise hitting the same shot on the range


“If I don't practise the way I should, then I won't play the way that I know I can.”

Ivan Lendl

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