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How many times have I been to the range and walked away happy with myself but with no real idea of how many I actually hit well?

As a keen golfer always wanting to get better, I try and get to the range as much as possible. I have come to the realisation that I am in the habit of thinking, that if I just go and hit 100 balls once a week then my handicap is just going to magically improve. I’m hitting balls, so doesn’t this just mean I will be getting better? If I hit the range, surely I will be getting rid of those awful shots that rear their ugly head on the back nine when I have a decent round going.

I sat down and realised that there was actually no purpose to my practise session. Sure I was hitting balls, and as long as I hit a couple of good ones towards the end of my bucket then I would consider the session a success. Most of the time I would just be swinging concentrating on one thing or another and if it came out of the middle and went sort of straight then all good.

Does this sound familiar? Then I started chatting with people who could actually play golf and I discovered that:

  • Hitting the ball dead straight is the hardest shot to execute?
  • 90% of tour players hit their driver with a draw and irons with a fade?
  • Most single handicap players have a pre-determined shot in mind before swinging any club.

So why do nearly all amateur golfers try to hit the ball straight every time? Of course it’s logical but we don’t realise we are trying to hit shots every pro actually never tries to execute. So with this new information in mind I hit the range with a notepad and some pre-determined shots I would try and hit. Did it magically improve me? No, but for the first time ever I could walk away and see how many I hit successfully.

Now I had some information that would help me focus on what I needed to improve upon. The only downfall was the exercise book was full of ticks and crosses and no way to easily aggregate the info. So I say to myself, hey I work in software development, what I need is an app that lets me easily record this information...